“The Curious Case of the Untied Bungee Ropes” by Denise Low

It was our second Ghost Stories Edition at Telling Stories Live and we decided to open it up to the floor for anyone to come up with a ‘ghost story’ of their own. Here was our first…and oh, it’s a good one.

Denise Low is a real-life magician. She makes magic happen on stage and in theatres as a producer, stage manager and technical director. So it’s no wonder she’s also encountered some ‘magical’ moments backstage in her years of working in historically rich buildings. Listen to her unravel the mystery of ‘The  Curious Case of the Untied Bungee Ropes’ at the Drama Centre.


Our September Issue

Let’s just say that getting this issue out on our website was worthy of a story in itself! Welcome to our September edition of Telling Stories Live where we probably hit record numbers in 2016. Here’s one of our favourite stories by the only Singaporean to ever swim the English channel. Listen to how PJ Thum mange this superhuman feat and more importantly, why.

He also happens to be the host of another wonderful podcast called The History of Singapore which is full of interesting facts and stories you aren’t going to find in our history textbooks! Give it a listen here.