Our co-founder Shireen popped her TSL cherry with this story that involved blood types, hiding in convents and coming to terms with her colourful heritage.

Her theory on The Big Bang is as follows. Not as big as most people think, but definitely bigger and more important than a bang for your buck, and more useful than banging balls. I promise, she’s better live.

Listen to her story here.


Jan 14th 2015
Jan 14th 2015

Our Biggest Turn out yet! Thank you all for coming and making our Big Bang episode such a rousing success! We were so packed some of you even stood throughout the entire evening, and for that we are terribly sorry and eternally grateful for your tenacity and will to stick by us despite not having enough seats.  I’m still a little in shock by your generosity in your offerings to the Story God. He was mighty pleased and has promised to continue to bless us with good stories!

To quote one of our audience members Rupali,

“Storytelling is an art that thrives in authenticity, I am convinced. This was apparent yesterday as I witnessed some of the most moving and heartfelt stories about botched second and third chances, love in the face of death that is without conditions and jealousies and facing your fears while staking your claim to freedom in the oppression of authority.”

We have another 4 stories lined up for February 11th so make a date with us.  Meanwhile, please enjoy these stories if you didn’t manage to make it down that night.



Originally from Italy, Daniela Morena has reinvented herself many times over the course of her life. She LOVES music and LOVES Singapore and now lives here with her British husband.  DANIELA discovered that her great fear of death could only be overcome by her even greater love for her mother, and that our stories can serve as monuments to us and our loved ones, long after we are gone.  Listen to her story here.

TSL#3.1: Sylvia Lee

Sylvia is Singapore’s first female engineers who successfully completed a fire-fighting commander course.  She is now the founder of Emancipasia, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to combat human trafficking by raising awareness, advocating change and empowering communities, businesses and individuals to take action to end this horrific crime against humanity.

Listen to her story here.

TSL #3: Courage

What a night of amazing stories.  From Sylvia Lee regaling with anecdotes of how she survived being one of the first female engineers on our refineries to Zerlina Sim speaking of courage as defined by upbringing and culture.  We also heard how Daniela Morena confronted her fear of death with the beauty and the calm of the Tuscany countryside and Josiah Ng spoke of battling inner demons, failure and having the courage to move on.

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