TSL #15.4: SAM TAN

Sam moved us all with his story of how he found his life’s purpose as an advocate and trainer for wild and abandoned dogs after a life in prison for over 20 years. He was also our first storyteller who spoke in Mandarin with live translation by the lovely and beautifully bilingual actress and singer Joanna Dong. Please support him and his work by visiting and donating to Mutts and Mittens.



We were so excited to have our our first REAL Politician on TSL! But why did he call himself a ‘failed politician’?  Listen to Jenn Jong tell his fascinating story of how he came to be an opposition politician. Yee Jenn Jong is currently a non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) representing the Worker’s Party in the 12th Parliament of Singapore.  He is also an entrepreneur who has founded several start-ups, most notable of which is education technology company ASKnLearn.