TSL#3.1: Sylvia Lee

Sylvia is Singapore’s first female engineers who successfully completed a fire-fighting commander course.  She is now the founder of Emancipasia, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to combat human trafficking by raising awareness, advocating change and empowering communities, businesses and individuals to take action to end this horrific crime against humanity.

Listen to her story here.

TSL #3: Courage

What a night of amazing stories.  From Sylvia Lee regaling with anecdotes of how she survived being one of the first female engineers on our refineries to Zerlina Sim speaking of courage as defined by upbringing and culture.  We also heard how Daniela Morena confronted her fear of death with the beauty and the calm of the Tuscany countryside and Josiah Ng spoke of battling inner demons, failure and having the courage to move on.

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TSL #2: Revenge & Rehearsals, Pregnancies and Proposals

We had a bumper crop of people turn up at our second Night of Telling Stories Live! There was much scraping of chairs and people moving closer to the storyteller mic as we launched into our 4 new stories…

We heard tales of panic from the theatre backstage; a man casting off the shadows of a childhood filled with horrific abuse; a mother-to-be and her pregnancy across 3 cities; a dive trip gone wrong but that sealed the love between a woman and her daredevil boyfriend.



TSL #1: New Beginnings

I can’t believe we have a website! I can’t believe we are about to embark on our second storytelling session! I can’t believe I just ate 1/4 of a Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar!

Welcome to our brand spanking new site! You like? My husband made it. Isn’t he clever? Never mind that it took some oral manipulation, the fact is, it’s done!

I’m sorry if you missed the first episode held at That Spare Room at The Fabulous Baker Boy. It was magical. It was moving. It was hard to top.  Our 5 first-time storytellers came forward and bravely shared a piece of themselves to a roomful of strangers.

We sat enthralled as they told personal stories of PIN numbers and heartbreak, travelling to escape home and family, a childhood with no photographs, shared birthdays and a funeral, and witnessing your father marry your mother’s best friend. All amazing and brave, all true, and all with a sense of (or at least a hope for) a New Beginning. We laughed, we shed some tears and we celebrated.

As some of you may know, I am a Voice and Presentation Coach and I help people communicate better especially in public speaking. So you could say I’m an expert in the area. But I have to admit, that even for me, this whole experience was rather nerve-wrecking. It’s one thing to present numbers and annual reports, but quite another to reveal a personal story to a roomful of strangers.  That act of revealing your deepest emotions and personal truths is at once petrifying yet cathartic, vulnerable yet deeply satisfying.  It’s a bit like your first sexual experience I suppose. You spend a lot of time preparing for it and thinking about it, but once it’s over, you feel great and want to do it all over again!

I guess you could say it was a rousing success, thanks to all the loving hearts in the room. And it seemed like our apprehension about whether this format of live storytelling would work in Singapore was laid to rest.  In our fast-paced, phone-tapping, live-tweeting world, I think a simple true story told face to face still manages to move us in profound ways. One of my favourite storytellers Khalil Gibran once said, “That next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.” – What was fascinating was also hearing everyone’s comments after the session.  Everyone left feeling uplifted, inspired, moved and thinking about their own stories.

I’d like to officially thank our partners The Fabulous Baker Boy, Mr Juwanda Hassim for being such a champion! Mr Shah Tahir and Sandra for coming to help us record the sound. And most importantly, our storytellers; Alison Lester, Shyamala Narayanswamy, Jeremy Toh and Joe Augustin for being our first storytellers and hopefully not the last.


Our Lives Unfold In Stories

When we are at the office, at that football game or just chilling at home. There are stories in the making when our hearts soar or break, when we are loving or scheming. There are travel stories, love-hate stories, stories of obsession and of food, of the day that changed our lives, of the little ironies we’ve gathered over the years. Heartbreaking, hilarious or mundane, celebrate your stories by telling them LIVE at an intimate gathering of friendly tribesmen. Or come and connect with someone else’s life experience. Stories surround us, and we want to hear them at TELLING STORIES LIVE!